Sandlapper AutoX 2021- Michelin Proving Grounds info on Jan 23, 2022 (392273) |

Sandlapper AutoX 2021- Michelin Proving Grounds

Sandlapper AutoX 2021- Michelin Proving Grounds

BMW CCA - Sandlapper Chapter

Sunday, January 23, 2022
Michelin Proving Grounds, Mountville, SC

This event was cancelled Jan 17, 2022. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Join us for our first ever (or in a very long time) Autocross on the Black Lake at the Michelin Proving Grounds. This is an all day event, and we will run rain or shine. The Peachtree Chapter will be helping us out, they know how these are done and we are very appreciative. This will be a real Autocross, you will be required to help throughout the day. We will be limiting entries so we can get each of you as many runs as we possibly can. Lunch is included in your registration fee, and we will eat on site.

For an accurate google map, click HERE

Please read all of the following carefully, before you begin registration, we need you to do a few things to get the class your car should run in, and have a full understanding of what we are doing.

Vehicle Class:

You must determine your vehicle's class BEFORE registering.  The classification worksheet is linked below.  If you have gone through the classification worksheet and need clarification on your vehicle's classification, please contact the registrar before event registration closes.  You must classify your vehicle correctly to receive any points towards series standings. If you don't care to be classed, select "other" when asked for car class.


Once you figure out your class, read both of the following;

AX_Terminology_and_FAQ_2021-02-05 (1).docx

AX_Timelines_and_Duties_2019-03-10 (1).docx

We will be providing car numbers for all entrants. Numbers are to be placed on both rear side windows. If you are sharing a car, both sets of numbers must be on the windows.

If you would like to come up Saturday, the Chapter will be holding their holiday party at CCA HQ Saturday evening. We will email out a registration link as soon as we get it.

If you do come up Saturday, the Crown Plaza has given us a block of rooms at a reduced rate. You can book rooms HERE. The Sandlapper Chapter BMW Clubs of America Group Room Block

Once we check your classing and registration information we will adjust your registration status from "new" to either confirmed or waitlisted. We will move waitlisted people to confirmed without notice should we have cancellations. If you fail to read the above documents, and your registration comes in incomplete, we will not move you to confirmed, and should the event fill before you make corrections, you could end up on the waitlist. So, read the info

Check in at the venue will begin at 8 am or earlier. All participants must be checked in no later than 9:30 am.

Sharing a car? You must both be registered and on the confirmed list. If one of you is confirmed and the second is not, you will not be able to share the car.